Outsourcing in Real Estate

The Upside of Outsourcing

Life is busy as a real estate agent – you’re constantly juggling work. From working with your clients and obtaining new leads through to attending open homes or marketing yourself and your business. And for this reason, it is worth having a think about what marketing activities you should invest your time in, and what ones you should outsource.

Real estate agents will know the saying “work on your business, and not in your business”. So, by calling on the services of experienced professionals, you can dedicate time to your current clients and create longstanding relationships which can lead to continued work and all-important referrals.


Enlisting the assistance of a professional photographer is imperative when listing a home on the market. Most prospective home buyers will head straight to the internet or pick up a property magazine to view any properties that are for sale.

Being visual mediums, it is crucial that the home’s imagery is eye-catching and appealing. By calling on a professional photographer, they can use their expertise to showcase the very best features of a home which can grab the attention of serious buyers and ultimately prompt them to enquire for more information.

Having a great camera doesn’t translate into great photography. The professionals have the ability to inspire and can allow potential buyers to visualise themselves living in the home even before they step foot through the door.


Writing a property advert can be a very time-consuming and arduous task for many agents, and is perhaps one of the least popular areas that agents like to complete when listing a home.

A poorly written property advertisement can negatively affect both the home you are listing and how you are depicted as an agent, especially by prospective clients that are looking to call on your services when selling their property.

By calling on the help of a copywriter, they will not only highlight the property’s selling points to your target market but will also create a free-flowing advert that is free of any spelling and grammatical errors.

Social Media

Social media marketing is fast becoming a requirement in the real estate industry. It can assist with promoting you as an agent and the homes you’re selling.

A social media account doesn’t just accrue likes without any effort, it requires you to be active and can therefore be very time-consuming. Everyday tasks include scouting for fresh and relevant content to post on your page and simply answering questions and interacting with those who follow your account.

A social media manager can monitor and update your pages, and can also offer insight into the ever-evolving techniques for particular platforms that can help you effectively interact with your audience and assist with marketing.

Some agents will avoid outsourcing simply because of the associated costs. However, investing a few hundred dollars towards each property is a relatively small price to pay for services that can not only increase the sale price of a home, but also gift you more time to put your best foot forward by attending to your clients, selling homes and pursuing leads successfully.