Do Bullet Points Miss the Point?

Unlike bullets leaving a gun, bullet points lack the impact and influence of well written, structured paragraphs.

While bullet points are a great way of listing features, they lack an emotional connection with the reader and it is this emotional connection that adds value to your property listing.

No matter how rational you think a buyer is, their buying decision always starts with emotion.
That’s because as humans we use our emotions that have evolved over thousands of years to tell us what to do.

That is why it is important to appeal to buyers at an emotional level and the best way to do that with words is when they draw the reader in with paragraphs and sentences, not by writing a list for them to skim.

If that is the case though, why do most property adverts consist of a short sentence followed by a bulleted list of features?

Because it’s easy. Agents are busy people and they are juggling a multitude of tasks, staff and clients. Writing requires a special kind of focus and concentration which can be difficult in a busy office with a phone that doesn’t stop ringing.

This is why copywriters, like us, exist. Our core focus is writing property adverts, so, we are always ‘in the zone’ and are able to produce compelling copy that evokes emotion in the buyer and boosts your reputation as a professional real estate agent.